August 10, 2016
How far can we accurately shoot a 20″ 308 Rifle, how about 1500 yards with supersonic flight until 1650 yards. The new Warner Tool 160gr Flat Line Projectile can do it all still be magazine fed. Check out the review and video here at Sniper’s Hide Warner Tool Flat Line Projectiles 160gr Solid Recently I... Read more »
FOR A LIMITED TIME – you can get TWO MONTHS OF PREMIUM ACCESS FREE with any new subscription? Prime Ammunition Deals for Online Training Members Since 2009 Sniper’s Hide has been hosting the Online Training Section of the Forums.  These lessons contain videos and content unique to the precision rifle community.  This has always been... Read more »
Successful Long Range Shooting is all about shaving errors. How we look at the targets, distances and verifying the information prior to taking the shot is an area we want to focus on. Check out the article and video. Unknown Distance or just UnEven Distance In the precision rifle world we use two major types... Read more »
Sniper’s Hide continues to update the Tikka T3x rifle. We swapped stocks for the Cadex Defence Chassis with Competition handguard. We also changed the bolt handle to a Sterk AI style handle, and Sterk Bolt Shroud. Check out the accuracy we are getting out of the Tikka T3x. Sniper’s Hide Project Tikka T3x This is... Read more »
Sniper’s Hide takes a look at the Insite Arms Heathen Muzzle Brake. We’re using it on our Tikka T3x project as well as several other rifles to put it through the paces. Take a look at our findings in terms of accuracy and effectiveness. Insite Arms Heathen Muzzle Brake There are a host of new,... Read more »
Choosing the Right bipod is an important consideration with your Precision Rifle. There are several factors that go into the picking the right bipod. Are you weighing the options or just choosing any old bipod ? When considering a bipod, Today, the bipod on your precision rifle is a huge consideration. We don’t shoot from... Read more »
The Ruger Precision Rifle is a versatile system, we recently upgraded our RPR to a Proof Research Drop In, Carbon Fiber Barrel. Chambered in 308, Sniper’s Hide puts the Proof Research barrel through it’s paces. See the upgrade here… The Ruger Precision Rifle continues to be a popular platform for new long range shooters, so... Read more »
Take advantage of everything Sniper’s Hide has to offer with a Premium Membership. From our Online training Lessons, to Exclusive Prime Ammunition Discounts. Less than a box of ammo a month, open up the possibilities. Sign up today. Some of the reasons you’ll want to go premium today, and enjoy everything Sniper’s Hide has to... Read more »
Want to know more about the Hornady 4DOF Solver ? Go behind the scenes and get an inside look at the Hornady Doppler Unit and the Results with Sniper’s Hide. Hornady Doppler Radar and 4DOF Solver Hornady Recently there was some drama in the forums and online in general regarding the new Hornady 4DOF solver.... Read more »
Aerodynamic Jump is at the front of every Long Range Shooter’s mind right now, Jim Boatright and Gus Ruiz take a detailed look at Crosswind Aerodynamic Jump and break down their method for calculation. Download the full report and the execution files necessary to figure this ballistic effect correctly. Ballistic calculators have made the work... Read more »
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