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Kelly McMillan talks ELR Shooting While attending the King of 2 Mile competition in Raton, New Mexico, I had a chance to speak with Kelly McMillan of McMillan Fiberglas Stocks fame. McMillan Stocks has always been at the forefront of development and with this new interest in ELR Shooting, today is no different. Leading the... Read more »
Sniper’s Hide Interviews David Tubb Sniper’s Hide recently attended the King of 2 Mile ULR Match at the Whittington Center in Raton New Mexico. During the competition, we interviewed several shooters including David Tubb. David Tubb is not only a world champion, but he is also a true innovator in the precision rifle field. David... Read more »
Once again Sniper's Hide is excited to travel to Colville Washington and to work with Carl Taylor of In Motion Targets to host the Sniper's Hide Team Challenge. This is a two man team field course designed for shooter's of all skill levels. A very laid back type match with unrivaled scenery.
OXX CoffeeBoxx I dig my coffee in the morning. Many falsely repeat the old myth that as a shooter, you should not drink coffee before shooting. Wrong… If you drink coffee everyday and then don’t, you have a problem. Try telling a smoker not to smoke because it will negatively impact their shooting. Wrong again…... Read more »
Do you want a Front Focal Plane Scope or a Second Focal Plane Scope ?  That is the question … How we answer this question comes down to use, or what kind of shooting do you engage in ? Recreational, you shoot for fun, not part of an organized group Extreme Long Range PRS Type... Read more »
I saw these the other day and I have to say I might have to get a few for my pack and range bag because they look like they could be handy for a variety of uses.  Wilderness Tactical Products’ “Stretchable” accessories now include expanded carriers for AA and AAA batteries as well as .30-30, .308... Read more »
Bullseye Camera Systems, LLC., a developer of innovative products for the shooting industry, has recently announced its flagship product, the “Bullseye Camera System”. The Bullseye Camera System is a wireless target camera that is placed 2-8 feet away from the target and wirelessly transmits back to your shooting location where you can view each and... Read more »
“Ashbury Precision Ordnance Mfg. (APO) is now manufacturing the SABER® modular rifle chassis for several rifles in the ever popular .30-06 caliber. Shooters can now get long action SABER chassis models in right and left hand operation for the Remington M700, McMillan G30 and Stiller TAC300 with a detachable 5rd box magazine for the .30-06... Read more »
SCARmags are now available—”Come and Take Them…” Molon Labe Industries, manufacturers of polymer magazines and accessories for the FN SCAR and AR rifle platforms, has begun shipment of its patent-pending SCARmag to its pre-order customers. “The SCARmag has undergone some great improvements since we initially announced the project in late 2012, making these new SCARmags... Read more »
Here’s the latest laminate from the Stocky’s Stock design staff – the new Extreme Range Target Adjustable! 12.5″ to 14.25″ in LOP adjustment, 33″ long with a 3″ beavertail forend that’s just begging for the bags. Perfect for that F-Class, 1000 yard and cross canyon hunting rifle build. [star] Fits the 700 Varmint / Sendaro... Read more »
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