Proof CF Barrel

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Shooting steel at 1000yds with the Mesa Precision Arms Crux
BigJimFish Reviews a Mesa Precision Arms Crux custom ultra light hunting rifle in 6.5CM using Mesa's own bottom metal and Crux Titanium action, a McMillan Edge Carbon adjustable Game Warden stock, Proof carbon wrapped barrel, and TriggerTech Primary trigger. Rifle tested with factory ammo from Desert Tech, Copper Creek, Federal, and Hornady.
APO Custom Shop – Tactical Hunter 308K-LW by Adam Wilson APO Marksmanship Activities Coordinator I’ve spent enough time carrying precision rifles as an Army Sniper and as a professional firearms instructor to understand there’s a time and place for everything or more accurately, every rifle. Some situations call for a big bore extreme long range... Read more »
At what height do you set your tripod up for shooting ? Are you taking recoil management into consideration when setting up your tripod ? In the Sniper's Hide Online Training Lessons we talk a lot about recoil management. Recoil management is key to the modern precision rifle shooter. We have traveled a long way... Read more »
FOR A LIMITED TIME – you can get TWO MONTHS OF PREMIUM ACCESS FREE with any new subscription? Prime Ammunition Deals for Online Training Members Since 2009 Sniper’s Hide has been hosting the Online Training Section of the Forums.  These lessons contain videos and content unique to the precision rifle community.  This has always been... Read more »
Choosing the Right bipod is an important consideration with your Precision Rifle. There are several factors that go into the picking the right bipod. Are you weighing the options or just choosing any old bipod ? When considering a bipod, Today, the bipod on your precision rifle is a huge consideration. We don’t shoot from... Read more »
Want to know more about the Hornady 4DOF Solver ? Go behind the scenes and get an inside look at the Hornady Doppler Unit and the Results with Sniper’s Hide. Hornady Doppler Radar and 4DOF Solver Hornady Recently there was some drama in the forums and online in general regarding the new Hornady 4DOF solver.... Read more »
Calling the wind is the single hardest thing for a long range shooter. Going beyond 1000 yards in tricky conditions is even harder, here is one of the ways I address the problem of wind at ELR distances. Sniper’s Hide Bullet Point, Engaging the Wind at ELR Distances Reviewing new rifles like the Ashbury Precision... Read more »
A detailed look from the guys at FinnAccuracy shooting their 375CT SAKO M10 at 4000+ Meters or 4380 Yards. Go behind the scenes and see exactly exactly what went into making this shot. We did some shooting, and we did hit 4005-meter target. That’s 4380yards or 2.49 miles for those living in imperial unit part... Read more »