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Kelly McMillan talks ELR Shooting

While attending the King of 2 Mile competition in Raton, New Mexico, I had a chance to speak with Kelly McMillan of McMillan Fiberglas Stocks fame.

McMillan Stocks has always been at the forefront of development and with this new interest in ELR Shooting, today is no different.

Kelly McMillan At the King of 2 Miles
Kelly McMillan At the King of 2 Miles

Leading the Way

Kelly has developed dedicated stocks for the heavy caliber actions required to handle cartridges such as the 375CT and .50Caliber. It’s no surprise the winning members of Team Applied Ballistics is using them.  These are XLR F Class type stocks and are perfectly suited for guys looking to move into ELR and ULR Shooting.  If you want a dedicated rig to hit that 2 Mile target, consider McMillan Stocks to get the job done right.

McMillan Stock
Mitch F using a McMillan Stock

One of the refreshing additions to this new effort to shoot beyond 2000m is the open source nature of development. Kelly has been very vocal in establishing the doctrine that all work see the light of day. Not restricting information or keeping trade secrets. I applaud his focus on this front.  It’s helping push the envelope beyond 1 Mile.  While many may ask, “what is the point of shooting 2 Miles” or chime in about the luck factor, my answer is, “but look at the hits at 2500 yards now”.   This area of research and development may not be lighting the world on fire at 2 miles, yet, but it is moving up fast.

McMillan Stocks
Paul Phillips using a McMillan Stock

Proud History

Sniper’s Hide has a long history with McMillan Stocks. This same open source flow of information was used many years ago. Kelly sampled the Sniper’s Hide community to design, test and develop the highly popular A5 stock. It was exciting to see the idea put forth by the members put into practice. The very first Sniper’s Hide Rifle, built by GA Precision was structured around the A5 stock when it first launched.

Derek Rodgers with McMillan
Derek Rodgers, the KING of 2 Miles with a McMillan Stock

Today Kelly hosts a radio show, bringing in some of the best people from across every shooting discipline. Taking Stock with Kelly McMillan aires each week.  I was lucky enough to be a guest on one such program. I highly recommend you check it out.  It’s one of those great programs to have running in the background.  I totally enjoy listening.

Organized ELR shooting is still in its infancy, seeing companies like Kelly’s take the lead is refreshing.  It’s everyone against the distance and not each other.

Thanks to Kelly for taking the time to speak to us. We really appreciate it and will be following the good work being done at McMillan Stocks.

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