S&B 5-25x PMII Feature Video Breaking Down the Options

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Ever wondered what the turret options are for the S&B PM II?  S&B is busy creating some outstanding videos to demonstrate the different features and options available for the current PMII line.  We are excited to release these videos so you can decipher the code for each.  Extremely well made, this video will answer any questions you have.  These questions always come up, what does DT vs LT mean, what is LP?

S&B Back for the Attack

S&B FFP 5-25x PMII

S&B has re-entered the civilian market in a big way.  For me, I have been running these scopes since the early 2000s and have accumulated a nice collection of PMIIs.  Like a lot of people, I consider the S&B PMII the Gold Standard when it comes to a tactical scope.    When traveling to different optic companies over the years, you always find a 5-25x PMII on the shelf as a comparison for their latest and greatest release.  In between all the reviews I do, my rifles in their natural state tend to have a S&B on top.

Part of the distraction for S&B has been the military contracts. The Army just announced the Semi Auto CSASS Award and again, a S&B can be found on top.  These contracts are a full time job and often take years to flush out.   So it’s understandable that S&B put the civilian market on the back burner.  That is changing as they are actively moving to to re-establish that relationship.  They are supporting the PRS Competition circuit as well as supporting sites like Sniper’s Hide.

Product line Updates

S&B 5-25x PMII
S&B 5-25x PMII Second Focal Plane

Talking with Kyle Brown of S&B he outlined the changes for use to pass on to our members.   Everything from reducing the prices across the board, but clarifying the warranty for US Customers.  The European changes in the warranty policy gave a lot of people pause.  Well, worry no more.

Kyle broke the updates down in this way:

We have some relevant messages for that we need the consumers to realize:

1) USA Warranty revised to 20 Year Limited Warranty

2) PM II retail pricing was lowered 14-19% – depending upon model

3) 5-25×56 PM II are in stock at many dealers, and available for immediate shipments

4) P4F-MOA first focal plane reticles readily available in the 5-25×56 PM II models

4) New P4FL2-MOA second focal plane reticle offered in 5-25×56 PM II models

5) New LRR-MIL first focal plane reticle, offered in 5-25×56 PM II models initially.  Delivery mid-April/early-May 2017.

6) Greatly improved product availability and delivery times for PM II models

7) Now shipping several 5-45×56 PM II configurations

8) New 2017 USA Product Catalog

9) Committed sponsorship to PRS for 2017

The Updated Warranty is not only 20 years, it is Transferable

20 Year Transferable Limited Warranty and Disclaimer – U.S.A.

Enter the Second Focal Plane PMII

In the United States, Second Focal Plane Scopes are still very popular. (I know right)  We recently did a small video on them using both a Second Focal Plane S&B as compared to a FFP 5-25x PMII.

It’s worth watching if you have any interest in why you might want a Second Focal Plane Scope.  With the increased interest in ELR Shooting, the 2nd Focal Plane helps increase your range using the reticle.  We have a series of videos and articles on this choice so be sure to check them out.

Moving Forward with S&B

S&B Ultra Short
S&B on the new Army CSASS Rifle

The increased support Sniper’s Hide is getting from S&B is a big win for our community.  On the horizon we will be reviewing several of the new scopes including the 5-45x which has a lot of interest.  Every day people are asking me about the 5-45x PMII and I have to say I am very impressed.   Personally I am not one to like so much extra magnification but S&B is doing it right,  You do not see the distortion as the magnification is increased.  The sight picture is just awesome and the extra magnification is not negatively effecting the eye box on the scope.  Every week we are adding more details in the Sniper’s Hide Optics Forum Section.  If you have a question about any S&B scopes, join the conversation. I have just about every model available and will be happy to help you navigate the choices.   Many people want to know, 5-20x Ultra Short vs 3-20x Ultra Short, we have the experience with both.

This week I was shooting out to a mile and my 5-25x PMII was there to help me spot my own shots.  The conditions were not the best either, as it had just rained and reduced the amount of splash making spotting very difficult.

Currently you can buy the 5-25x PMII at huge discounts from dealers like Mile High Shooting Accessories. They the PMII for sale as low as $2399, this is insane.

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