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Sniper’s Hide Interviews David Tubb

Sniper’s Hide recently attended the King of 2 Mile ULR Match at the Whittington Center in Raton New Mexico. During the competition, we interviewed several shooters including David Tubb.

David Tubb is not only a world champion, but he is also a true innovator in the precision rifle field. David approached this match slightly different from your average Ko2M competitor. The custom made rifles designed to engage these targets at ELR Distances were what I dubbed, XLR F Class Rifles. They appeared like an F-Class Rifle on steroids.

The weight limit for rifles at the at the King of 2 Mile is 50LBS. The average rifle was well over 25-35LBS. In fact, one rifle had to remove the muzzle brake to make weight. David’s Tubb Rifle as configured was under 20LBS using his field bipod.

King of 2 Mile Event

There are two ways to reach targets at 2 Miles, the first is to use an aggressive base 60+ MOA, or you can invest in the TacomHQ Charlie Tarac Unit. One requires you to make compromises to your zero, your cheek weld, even how you adjust this far. The other can get you on target from your typical 100 yard zero. We did a video with John Baker highlighting this unique game changing product.

When I talk in general terms about the King of 2 Mile Event I will lay out some secrets to success I noticed as an observer. Things like teamwork, spotting, scope choice, all pay a role in the successful engagement at the match.

David is unique in this case because he used his own Tubb Rifle design. This set up is very different from the XLR F Class rigs we saw on the line. His Tubb Rifle would be very similar to someone using an AXMC or Desert Tech HTi Rifle. It shows you what a field rifle can do. They can be competitive.

WildCat Possibilities

Wildcatting his load from a 338 Lapua Magnum to a 375 over a 338 Improved put him at a disadvantage muzzle velocity wise, but does demonstrate how this combination can be competitive. It’s important to note that David choose to use Flat Line Bullet from Warner Tool !   He loaded the 375 variant of the highly effective Flat Lines.

Watch the video above and don’t forget to view the video with John Baker and the Charilie unit which is designed for ULR Shooting.

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Thanks to David Tubb for taking the time to speak with us at the event.