Sniper’s Hide Online Training Members Specials

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Prime Ammunition Deals for Online Training Members

Since 2009 Sniper’s Hide has been hosting the Online Training Section of the Forums.  These lessons contain videos and content unique to the precision rifle community.  This has always been a  paid service giving members access to the lessons.  An example of the lessons offered can be found below:

Online Training Lesson

Video: Sniper’s Hide Prime Ammunition Discount

Online Training can be accessed from your User Settings under Subscriptions and it gives you access to the Closed Online Training Section of the Forum. 

Prime Ammunition Discounts 

Sniper’s Hide has partnered with Prime Ammunition to offer you discounts on Factory 175gr 308 and 300gr 338LM ammunition.  Premium Account members can now access all the online training and receive signification discounts on what everyone agrees is, “Great Factory Ammunition”.  So sign up and take advantage of the everyday discounts on Prime Ammunition.  The money saved on a few boxes of 338LM pays for the year of training lessons. 

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New lessons are added each month, and we also interact directly with the members via the private forum.  Request lessons, answer questions, all without the noise from the open forums. 

We want to thank the members who have supported the online training for all these years, to Prime Ammunition for supporting Sniper’s Hide and it’s members as well as Scout for keeping the costs down. 

You can access the Training Lessons by going to your User Settings and Choose the Subscriptions Tab