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Scope calibration is an important step to truing your ballistic software. If you have not calibrated and tested your scope for accuracy, you cannot expect positive results at distance using your ballistic solver.

If you follow the truing directions with any ballistic app out there, scope calibration is a big part of the instructions.  No mechanical device is bulletproof and scopes tend to be the weak link in our rifle systems, regardless of how much money you spent on it.

The Calibration Process

Scope Calibration Tool
Target USA Unfinished Scope Calibration Tool
Scope calibration is a very simple process and one we do in every PR 2 class we conduct.  We remove the student’s scope, place it on the Targets USA Calibration Tool and then test the scope across 36″ or 10 mils of adjustment.
The process we follow to test tracking on your scope.
1. Set up a Sniper’s Hide Tall Target at exactly 100 yards from the scope
2. Place Scope in the rings on top of the Targets USA Scope Tool
3. Level and Align the reticle to the fall of gravity if they are not square
4. Place the reticle at the top of the target and dial the elevation Up
5. Note the movement and travel of the scope across the target
6. Determine the number of clicks used to track across a measured distance
7. Update your software to match the correction factor

Tall Target Testing

Sniper’s Hide has a tall target available from Box 2 Bench Precision.  This target features two tracks on a single page.  Made from Rite in the Rain Paper, this target can be shot or not.  Using it any number of ways, the only limitation is the shooter’s imagination.
You do not need a secondary targets to accomplish this.  The Shooter can use the 4ft level as demonstrated in the video. Create your tracking chart using cardboard, it’s up to the shooter.
Measure off the distance making sure the target is placed at 100 yards or meters, and that the scope is held steady in the rest.  The Targets USA tool weighs close to 30LBS so that the scope does not move when adjusting the travel.
Determine the Correction Factor and add it to your ballistic computer.
Turret Truing
Coldbore Software
Also consider determining your True Range Zero to help fine tune the settings in your ballistic solver
True Range Zero
Coldbore Software
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