Sniper Rifle
Holding for Wind vs your Natural Point of Aim We all know, muscling the rifle is a bad thing. When recounting the Fundamentals of Marksmanship, NPA is the very first one. We describe NPA as; body pointed to the rifle, rifle pointed at the target. In other words, we are relaxed, lined up straight behind... Read more »
So you want to buy a scope, Sniper’s Hide helps you decide which scope is best for you. You went out and bought a new precision rifle, and you want to purchase a new optic. But there are so many choices, from Athlon to Vortex, Barska to Zeiss where do you start? How do you... Read more »
Cadex Defence is a company on the move. For years I have been running their Dual Strike Chassis on a couple of rifles, everything from an 18” 6.5CM to a Bergara 308. The Chassis is well designed, better made than most, and very comfortable to shoot. More adjustability gives the shooter better flexibility and that... Read more »
M24 Sniper Rifle – Details Matter Author: Michael Haugen A considerable amount has been written about the M24 Sniper Weapons System (SWS) over the years (some of from me), but much of the information has focused on specific aspects such as its history, exceptional feats accomplished, etc. The thought occurred to me that many of... Read more »
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