Tripod Shooting, Adjusting the Height

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At what height do you set your tripod up for shooting ?

Are you taking recoil management into consideration when setting up your tripod ?

In the Sniper’s Hide Online Training Lessons we talk a lot about recoil management. Recoil management is key to the modern precision rifle shooter. We have traveled a long way since shooting from a sling, and regardless of the position, we want to think about recoil management. After all, this is what controls our shooter’s zero.  Where the barrel lines up when the bullet is released is a product of recoil management. To be consistent you want to strive to manage the recoil from every position, especially alternate positions, which this video demonstrates.

Recoil Management from Alternate Positions

Tripod Shooting
Shooting from a Tripod

When shooting from a tripod, which is an alternate position, you want to be as consistent as possible.  Doesn’t matter what position we are using it from, standing, kneeling, sitting, the more consistent we are managing the recoil, the closer to our zeros the shots will be.  The key for me when shooting from a tripod, getting my shoulders in front of my hips.

Now this is just one part of recoil management, but an important one. I see a lot of images online of guys setting up their tripods with the scopes at eye level.  In many cases they are way too high.  Standing straight up makes us a slave to recoil. By lowering the height a bit, getting into an aggressive stance and managing the recoil we have much better results.

We can see the results of our shots, we move very little as evidence by the video.  It allows us to adjust for conditions without the need for a spotter.

Really Right Stuff Tripod
Really Right Stuff Tripod and Rifle Mount

Online Training Tripod Lessons

Tripod Shots
7 Shots at 550 Yards standing from the Tripod

We go into a lot more detail when it comes to shooting from a Tripod, Recoil Management and alternate positions.   To sign up, head on over to the Sniper’s Hide Forum and in your Profile Under User Settings, you have a subscription tab. This is where you find access to the Online Training Lessons.

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