Upgrading the Ruger Precision Rifle to a Proof Research Carbon Fiber Barrel

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The Ruger Precision Rifle is a versatile system, we recently upgraded our RPR to a Proof Research Drop In, Carbon Fiber Barrel. Chambered in 308, Sniper’s Hide puts the Proof Research barrel through it’s paces. See the upgrade here…

The Ruger Precision Rifle continues to be a popular platform for new long range shooters, so when doing a test with the latest generation of Proof Research Carbon Fiber barrels I picked my RPR to try one out.

Proof Research currently makes a drop in Ruger Precision Rifle barrel and many come onto the Sniper’s Hide Forums asking about them. After all they are bit more expensive than your typical drop in barrel. It’s natural to question the cost vs accuracy benefits.


I have toured the Proof Research facility and can tell you, from an insider’s perspective, Proof Research is doing it right. They have the people, processes and systems in place to produce high quality barrels. Not just carbon fiber, but steel rifle cut barrels as well. After all, that is what is under the carbon fiber.

Currently I am running a Proof Research barrel on my KMW / Surgeon 260REM and accuracy has been outstanding. I used both rifles, the Surgeon and the RPR to stress test these barrels. Putting as many as 60 rounds through them in very short order in order demonstrate the capability of the barrels. The full results will posted, just not in this video. I not only shot the barrels at distance and on paper to see what the results were, but also monitored the barrels temperature using an IR Thermometer. The results may surprise you.

Video: Face Off Accuracy International AX vs Ruger Precision Rifle


For this video, I wanted to show the upgrade path of the Ruger Precision Rifle. Changing the barrel is pretty straight forward. I currently have two 6.5 Creedmoor barrels for my Ruger Precision Rifle, so moving to a Proof Research 308 was a pretty easy decision. I opted for a 20” barrel with a 1-10 twist rate. Added a ThunderBeast Arms muzzle device for my Ultra 7 Suppressor, this completed the install.


Versatility is important today, we have quick change for a lot of rifles out there. The Ruger Precision Rifle affords the user the ability to change barrels with a minimum amount of tools and training. A barrel vice, Go, No-Go Gauges an extra hour on your hands is really all you need aside from some wrenches. I stopped by Mile High Shooting Accessories borrowed some of their tools and was off to the ranges.

Out the box, accuracy was outstanding. While only a few shots are depicted in the video. I was putting round after round through this barrel and it never disappointed me.

The cost vs accuracy benefits, I can only say work for me. What your particular budget is, is a personal matter. Not everyone sees the benefits in spending a bit extra. However I have not found any downside to using a Proof Research Barrel. I had to get the barrel up over 180 degrees in order to see any mirage clouding the scope. That was a lot of rounds as a typical mag dump kept the temps around 145 degrees. This was all shot in 95 degree weather where the barrel at rest with no rounds through it was 110 degrees. Mirage is the biggest issue. If you are running a 25x scope or more, and you are engaged in long strings of fire, like a suppressor you will see mirage. But you can mitigate it also. The Handguards do a great job out of box, as well you can invest in a Mirage Band if accuracy is of the utmost importance across extended strings. But I will note when the barrel was approximately 180 degrees the suppressor was well over 300 degrees. The carbon fiber barrels moves the heats through the barrel and does not concentrate it at the receiver.

Have I been happy with my Proof Research Barrels, yes absolutely, would I buy another, without hesitation . The technology is getting better, and with the latest version of the Proof barrel I have found no negatives to report beyond the price which might be out of reach for some.

So, here is the upgraded Ruger Precision Rifle, now wearing a 20” Proof Research Carbon Fiber barrel in 308.