First Look – Vectronix Terrapin X Laser Rangefinder

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Sniper’s Hide takes a first look at the new Vectronix Terrapin X laser rangefinder. This unit replaces the discontinued Terrapin laser that all the Sniper’s Hide members truly loved and embraced.


The new Terrapin X is completely redesigned and is very different from the original model. With a similar advertised range of 11m to 3000m, we took the Terrapin X out to our Range to laser some targets in the bright Colorado sunlight.

Bright Sunny Conditions

Vectronix Terrapin X
Vectronix Terrapin X Image through optic

Sunlight does not help laser rangefinders much. In fact, it’s why most of the lasers on the market advertise one range and give you about 1/2 that value in real-world applications. One of the reasons we covert the Vectronix brand of laser is their ability to work as advertised. Because of the military history with Vectronix laser, it has often been a problematic relationship. Confusion over should have access to this type of technology has forced a lot of owners to jump through hoops for service and sales. Vectronix has assured me this will all changed with the new commercial Terrapin X.


Bluetooth Connectivity with your Kestrel or Ballistic App
11m to 3000m Range
Azimuth to Target
Equvilevant Range to Target using the corrected horizontal distance
Scan Mode
One Button Operation
8x Magnification with great optics
Rugged Outer Shell
12 x 0.5MRAD Beam Divergence

The targets on my range are tiny. Nothing out to a mile is larger than a standard IPSC Target. The new Terrapin X is more than capable of ranging man-sized targets to a mile. After leaving the range, I took the unit to Mile High Shooting and compared the laser there.

Mike from the Everday Sniper Podcast was there, and we hit larger targets to 2600 yards and beyond to 3200 yards on the house across the I-25 Highway. We found it kept pace with the original Terrapin concerning range.

BlueTooth Connectivity

Vectronix Terrapin X
Vectronix Terrapin X compared to original

The Terrapin X has a very easy to use the Bluetooth connection. You scroll over to the Bluetooth menu and pick either “App” or Kestrel” which is given to you in plain language. Choosing Kestrel, I immediately connected to my Kestrel 5700 Elite with AB. The response is fast and accurate. Range the target it automatically updates the range in the Kestrel. Awesome stuff for sure.

The 8x magnification was a vast improvement over the 5x of the original Terrapin. The optics are sharp, and the LED reticle is a nice compromise regarding size and aiming. Most LED reticles in your typical laser are too big, this one is just slightly larger than a similar Leica laser, but this time it is round instead of square. Readouts inside the laser are easy to read and logical in their design.


Vectronix Terrapin X
Vectronix Terrapin X

Understand this was one day, in fact, it was just one morning with the laser. Next week is the Sniper’s Hide Team Challenge in Colville Washington. Our match is a field course with a lot of movement requiring the shooter to find the targets, range the targets and engage the targets. Vectronix is sending representatives to the match and will have the Terrapin X on hand for the shooters to try.

For the first day with the new Terrapin, we were not disappointed in the results. The changes and new features were welcome additions and worthy of the Terrapin name.

Head over to the Terrapin X website, or visit a dealer like Mile High Shooting to pre-order your Terrapin X today. Mile High will be stocking these and delivery is expected just before 4th of July.

I am off to Colville this week to shoot the Match and range the target under field conditions.

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