What’s in the Sniper’s Hide Online Training Lessons

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What happens when check your muzzle velocity off a bench vs the prone ? Have you ever wanted to shoot to 1 mile with your 338 ? Check the Sniper’s Hide Online Training lessons and immediately see a difference. We cut out the noise of the internet and get right the heart of the matter, hitting your target on command.

What’s in the Sniper’s Hide Online Training ?

Do you see a point of impact change from the bench to the prone ?


How about a difference in Muzzle Velocity when doing the same ?

Video: Sniper’s Hide Bullet Point Ep 16 Sight Height

Why join the Sniper’s Hide Online Training, it’s the videos of course.

The devil is in the details, and we include so many more details than you find in our short bullet point videos.

Since 2009 we have been hosting the Sniper’s Hide Online Training, and that has not changed. The only thing we have changed is the ever increasing quality of our videos.

We have a lot of training videos hosted on the website. Stuff like, 45 plus minutes of recoil management. Shooting a Semi Auto, talking about the various ballistic apps, shooting a rifle from alternate positions.  We go into detail, instead of the short, 2 – 3 minute videos you normally see from Sniper’s Hide. With the online training lessons you get 3x more information. From articles to live fire demonstrations.

On top that, companies like Prime Ammo support the members of the online training giving them deep discounts for stuff like ammo. How about a 24% discount on 300gr Prime 338LM ? This is RUAG / Swiss P 300gr OTM loaded ammo.

To join the Online Training simply sign up for our Premium Membership. Right above in the NAV BAR hit the “Join” link and pick your plan. $12 a month or $99 for the year. This gives you access to all the videos. Nothing is left out.

We have a private forum section, go one on one without noise you normally find on the internet. We answer the “why” and when things are not black and white, we demonstrate the how, which can highlight why.

Check out the video above, we take the Cadex Defence CDX-33 out to 1 Mile, as well as some nice hits at 1500 yards. And we talk about the variations we saw when shooting from the prone position vs shooting off a bench. The results will definitely surprise some of you out there.